Angélique Himeur
Producer/Artistic Consultant
Art Culture Cinema Music Fashion
She has worked alongside the famous producer Anatole Dauman and thus entered the film industry, has participated in a number of major film productions (Wim Wenders etc…) She has organized several retrospective exhibitions, all over the world, which aim at promoting the Argos Film Catalog.
Her work experience at UGC DA international and Canal+ DA allowed her to contribute to the life of over 6000 films on the panel of different cable and satellite TV channel for which she was responsible.
She resided then in Monaco to collaborate on the VIP organization of the major prestigious events and back to Paris, she met the photographer Dominique Issermann and started a collaboration on advertising production.
Right after this meeting, she started a long journey with Laetitia Casta, becoming her manager.
These work experience have strengthened her connection with the Fashion world and she has made several advertising and also PR cooperation with the Luxury Industry.
With her skills in both Fashion and Cinema, she started the Celebrities department of the famous modeling agency  IMG Models  and became the artistic director in charge of the talents represented and of all the contract negotiation including A-list international celebrities for endorsements with Luxury brands.
At the same time, she has actively supported the photography exhibition “Simply I” for the benefit of Prevention of AIDS (Sidaction). With the support of international models and celebrities, notably Chinese, the photography exhibition has achieved a big success in Paris and Shanghai.
She has also supported the contents of the photographer Amedeo Turello art book “10 Years celebrating Women”.  
In 2007, she founded ANGELS ART specialized in production and artistic consultancy in the specific fields of Art, Culture, Cinema Music and Fashion.
Nowadays and since 6 years, China took an important place in her activities.
In cinema, she actively cooperate with China Culturel Center in Paris as artistic producer and PR consultant of the Chinese film Festival in France which represents an eclectic programming representing the Best-Of  of the current Chinese Cinema. As part of the Festival activity, she promote the professional Sino-French and European meetings during Cannes Film Festival, organized by the National Film Center (CNC), supported by the Marché du Film as well as the official institutions and professionals of both countries.
Her  position is also as artistic consultant to develop bilateral exchanges and initiate co-productions in features films, but also documentaries and series all the year.
She is currently developing festival projects to promote the Chinese cinema in other countries (notably Monaco).
In art, she co-produced in 2014 with her partner and curator Liu Yan the Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition in Paris entitled “China Inks : Chinese modern calligraphy exhibition” exhibiting the exquisite work of the famous Wang Dongling, Liang Yang and Zou Tao.
Her initiative gave life to the project of developing a documentary around this major cultural Chinese Art : “Ink of China”.
She is currently working to support a contemporary art exhibition during the 57th Venezia Biennale 2017.
In fashion, she intervenes punctually as consultant for castings and productions.  She has also produced already campaigns  and shootings.
She works as consultant during the Milano and Paris Fashion Weeks with new Chinese personalities (notably influencers) from different sphere introducing them in the best way to the contemporary industry.
In 2017, new projects are in development to extend artistic and cultural events with other continents,
All artistic areas are the adventure of ANGELS ART, assembling experience and knowledge of many years with specialized partners. Her objective is to continue to create or participate to beautiful and successful artistic and commercial stories.